Advantages of “No Touch” Smartphone Orienteering

Take your marketing to a new level



Every signup has an email address that can be shared with your marketing campaigns enabled by Mailchimp. Some contacts share a birthday for standings. “No-Touch” Smartphone Orienteering is promoted as a family activity, as opposed to a competitive one. The goal is to increase participation by family units looking for a safe way to get outside, learn some fun skills and do something together with a family as a team.

Results all have your club logo. All references to the public look like they were created by the club itself, NOT “No Touch” Orienteering app.

Who won? Harvest the competitors by standing or age for email campaigns.

Every signup has a waiver on file.

Every sign-up must agree to your rules.

Resurrect old courses instantly, any course, even old courses from years ago

Courses stay open for longer, capture new revenue with little more than a mouse click

You can add non-contact controls to an existing course.

Add users for publicity, such as:

  • Local news
  • Organizations such as scouts or ROTC
  • Schools
  • Clubs, such as Rotary or Lions

Advanced search functions: by club, zip code or current location as found by the phone GPS. Sign up anytime, for multiple courses.



Yellow: Beginner

Orange: Intermediate

Brown: Advanced




Or difficulty rated 1-10

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